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Makeup Sponge


The iconic egg-shaped and swank material with this Makeup Sponge ensures impeccable, streak-free application every single time with least possible product waste.
This sponge can be used for dry and wet application.Once wet, it doubles in size and the level of wetness can help you control the level of coverage.The sponge ball applies a seamless coat of liquid, gel, and cream formulas leaving skin flawless instead of clumpy and coated.

How to Use:

1. The bottom of the Sponge Blender can be used on the cheeks or forehead.
2. The top of the tip on the Sponge Blender is suitable for the wing of nose and eyelids.
3. When apply foundation with a wet sponge, soak the Sponge Blender with water, it will expand twice its size.
4. Squeeze to ensure there is no water inside it.

Due to high demand please allow up to 2-4 weeks for delivery.