December 09, 2017

Leggings for women

The days of women wearing dress with slips, girdles and pantyhose are long gone. The woman’s wardrobe has evolved over hundreds of years and today, there are so many ways to flaunt comfortable fashion without looking careless and controversial. Can you guess what I’m talking about? Yes. Leggings for women are comfort and fashion rolled into one.

First of all, leggings are not pants. But if you’re comfortable to wear it as one, then who are we to judge? Leggings deserve the same love we give to jeans. And as it shows, it’s one of the most common things that you would see on women and even on kids on a great day outdoors. There are different designs as well such us printed leggings, yoga leggings, workout leggings, leggings, streetwear leggings and instyle leggings. It’s almost as good as the saying “name it and you’ll have it”. This is also the reason why today, most people considered leggings as the new pants and is included in their day to day routine.

But how come some use it as pants (if it is not pants)?


Leggings is a Great Choice for a Number of Purposes
Leggings made of cotton-lycra or cotton-polyester-lycra is traditionally worn for fashion. However, there has been a societal debate whether leggings should be worn as an outerwear. Although some conservative people think that it is too thin or revealing to wear, majority of people especially the women of this generation believe that this beautiful piece of clothing is made for comfort and fashion.  

Lysse High Waist Black Leggings

Calling All the Leggings Enthusiasts Out There! 

If you are one of the fashion enthusiasts out there who love to wear leggings, here are some ways you could be an instant knock out! Comfort and style can still be taken to yet another level! Whenever you are facing your closet and wondering what would be the perfect outfit for the day, consider these pairings:


Pair your leggings with a High heel knee-high boots.

In the cold winter months, make sure you can still make people give a second look! Who said the cold days need you to sacrifice your style? You might even bumped into women wearing this kind of fashion, too so make sure your leggings will stand out from the rest. You might as well have a chunky sweater that would complete the get-up. You can try a Lysse High Waist Black Leggings for this purpose.


Pair your leggings with a long cardigan.

If you want to look both carefree and sophisticated, this pairing would surely suit your purpose. Take a walk in the park or stroll in the mall and make that statement! You might want to check out


Pair your leggings with a long T-shirt.

Even if you’re on the rush, do not let your style leave you. Grab a long t-shirt and it would surely go perfectly with your leggings. If you’re in the casual mood, this fashion pair would surely express what you feel at the moment. You can even look cuter by wearing Cartoon Adventure Time Leggings!


Pair your leggings with a short dress.

If you’re the chic kind, leggings can still be a great way to express your personality. If you like the comfort that leggings can give but still want to maintain that sweet and demure look, then this pairing is the one to be considered. Also, a short yet sophisticated dress is bound to look like a top when paired with leggings.


Pair your leggings with high top sneakers.

For a hip and younger look, pairing your leggings with high top sneakers would help you achieve a youthful style. You might want to consider a Blue Galaxy Leggings for your outdoor trip!

When it comes to clothing, comfort is one of the must-considered factors. Next is the design and the style, right? The purpose shouldn’t be left out as well. As the saying goes, “If you look good, you feel good”. If you want to discover what kinds of clothing could easily look good on you, then it’s time to visit us today.