December 08, 2017

There’s no question that the street style phenomenon in the world of fashion is coming and here to stay. It’s always pleasant to try different things and this ultimate fashion trend is one of the best to test for yourself.  Streetwear clothing is basically taking over the world and its hype is pretty obvious. It is stylish, youthful, expressive and impressive. It’s definitely an interest that many enthusiasts are paying attention to.

Some fashion critics even say that streetwear clothing is more than just about the products, it’s a culture. Streetwear is even difficult to define. There is even a wide variety of definitions for streetwear from fashion enthusiasts. Tommy Hilfiger says that its visuals reflect to be sporty and bit athletic.  Ayasha Owerka-Moore, a pioneer designer who worked for Phat Farm, Alphanumeric, and Fiberops describes streetwear as “any brand that is spawned independently without the backing of factor”.

It might be true that street style has no definite description or meaning. But it would be easy to distinguish that one is geared towards such. Streetwear fashion has an independent attitude that radiates all over. Your style is considered street stylish if it shouts an independent expression. In that sense, streetwear roots are even rooted in the minds of free and raw expression. But basically, streetwear is often said to be rooted in Californian surf and skate culture.

The line between streetwear and high-end fashion is even becoming thinner. And if you are curious (well, we all are) on how this phenomenon started, Jeff Staple says that he likes to call it independently created stuff. “It was just people hustling, doing their own thing without any business or financial gain. Just expression.”  On the other hand, some say that street style has always existed. It was only in the mid-1950s that its significance has been acknowledged. Meanwhile, its growth as a culture has also been respected in the early 2000s.

Parallel to the rise of street style fashion, the increase of a number of streetwear blogs and websites is also apparent. Some of them even give you ideas on high-quality fashion clothes that are perfect for your style and comfort.

Street Style as a form of self-expression 

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As what has been mentioned before, streetwear is rooted in independently created stuff. Streetwear is a culture, an identity that one community shares with. However, street style may now be at the post-tribal phase where singular, progressive direction is seen. This means that the value of uniformity or identity of a group when it comes to this niche is highly questioned since singularity stands out now that we are in the twenty-first century.

Although street style can give you a change of perception about the identity or “label” it provides to a certain group, this does not mean that it has diminished its value. In a way, it has even “innovate” the perception of the fashion industry to consumers. More than design inspiration, the fashion industry has been looking to streetwear clothing for how consumers purchased, worn, and valued.


For the fashion industry, it’s one way how streetwear clothing has to help them treat better the consumers. On the other hand, the consumers are set to give an expression that they only can give through expressing it by what they wear. Since we are finally on the stage of the post-tribal phase where we no longer identify one as part of the gothic, punk, greaser, etc., a street style more likely encourages the identity of an individual.

As street style is rooted in independently created stuff, dressing up in your own capabilities can be considered as such. Instead of following a certain fashion trend or fashion brand, it presents capabilities. Hence, the work of a creative individual is seen through this fashion phenomenon.  The street style even promotes an interpersonal connection between like-minded individuals. It gives capacity to a certain individual to give visual expression to articulate differences and similarities. This goes to show how it significantly grew in the world of fashion. When words and technology fail to send messages, the value of street style speaks.

The Perfect Street Style Fashion Collection

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